How great businesses stay connected to their teams and foster happiness

The world has changed.

What we took for granted before; the places we worked, the way we commuted and the ways we conduct business have changed. In a pre-COVID world, it was easier to see and be seen, and stand out from the crowd.

Remote-working has always been a steadily growing alternative method of doing business, but in recent time’s it’s made the leap to become the de facto choice for most businesses. Not even a choice in most cases, but rather an ultimatum: Continue to work remotely, or don’t work at all.

Offices brimming with people have been replaced by occasional Zoom calls or Teams messages, and it’s harder than ever to feel connected to the people we work with, even though we have more technology at our fingertips than ever before.

How do businesses stay connected to their teams in times such as these? Here are a few tips:

1. Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship, and the relationship you have with your team is no different as far as communication is concerned. Reach out to colleagues, even if it’s just to ask “How’s it going?”. A simple gesture can travel a long distance.

2. Collaborate

A lot of people find working from home a blissful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the office, and are able to whizz through work without distractions and issues. Some find it much harder to be separated from their team, and find it harder to get “in the zone”. Try to collaborate with colleagues who benefit from working hand-in-hand, and invite them to work in pairs or small groups so they don’t feel as isolated.

3. Provide regular updates

No one knows how long the current measures will last for, yourselves included, but it makes a world of difference to keep your team in the loop. Even if it’s just to say that things are progressing as usual, and although there aren’t any updates yet, you appreciate the work they are putting in and want them to feel valued.

4. Inject some fun into the 9-5

“Social-distancing” doesn’t have to be literal. We’d prefer it to be called “Physical-distancing”, because after-all, why can’t we be social?

Organise Zoom quizzes, or inject a bit of drama into your video calls by dressing up in fancy dress. Organise a team House Party, or if you’re brave enough try hosting your own game show based on many of the popular hits on TV?

5. Ask the right questions

Collie was created as a service for businesses to better understand their employees, and provide them with insights that help them better steer their businesses to be better places to work. Now, more than ever before is it important to keep your finger on the pulse and understand how your team is feeling. It’s critical to measure health and wellbeing over time, as snapshots don’t really give the whole picture. Sign up today, send your first survey and start your journey into better understanding your workforce.

Stay safe out there,